How It Works

How It Works

  • In aristo there are always supervisors and subordinates. aristo can be implemented in all organizational levels of a company
  • The organizational chart of the company is inserted to aristo
  • aristo is based on the Management by Objectives (MBO) methodology so each unit in the organizational chart is linked to a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • The KPIs selection stem from the advanced KPIs database of aristo (more than 400 tailored by industry KPIs)
  • Custom made KPIs can also be created
  • Company managers and their subordinates agree for every KPI on the desired result as depicted in a respective scale. The scale is consisted of 3 zones, is based on industry standards and represents the objectives in the MBO methodology:
  • 0-4 Red Zone
  • 4-7 Yellow Zone
  • 7-10 Green Zone


KPI result













  • Each number in the scale 0-4-7-10 represents a potential result of the KPI (the company will set the desired result of each KPI in the green area)
  • Each KPI will also receive a weight among the other KPIs based on which the unit’s performance is reviewed
  • Apart from the unit’s KPIs, each unit will receive a collaboration score from internal and external (if applicable) clients and the unit’s supervisor
  • The manager can also set lower acceptable limits for specific KPIs (for instance budget divergence), below of which the final grade is penalized
  • After setting up the system each unit receives a final performance score based on KPIs and collaboration evaluation as fast and as easy as with one single click
  • PLANNING supports the KPIs selection and the set up of the system upon client request
  • All parameters in the system can be changed following the prioritization of the company at all times


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