Q: I already keep track of certain KPIs. Can I input those to aristo?
A: Certainly. aristo offers the ability to input already existing KPIs as well as built new ones in the system.
Q: What are the data entry requirements?
A: Data entry requirements follow the frequency that the company wishes to evaluate the performance. In each performance run, aristo will ask for the result of each KPI (if the company already utilizes spreadsheets to calculate the KPIs outside of aristo) or the variables that participate in the KPIs calculations and automatically produce the result of each KPI. Either way, the final performance score for each organization unit will be automatically calculated.
Q: Does PLANNING support the implementation phase of aristo?
A: PLANNING supports the system set up and the implementation phase upon request of the client. Most clients prefer to collaborate with PLANNING to decide which KPIs to measure in each organization unit and who to utilize aristo to get the most out of it.